These programs are 30 minutes in length.

Compost StewWhat Makes Good Soil:

It’s not only earth worms!  Students will listen to the story Compost Stew, while adding items to the pot to make compost.  They will learn about plant growth and will participate in a bingo game to help them identify living things in a compost pile.

Living-SunlightNEW: Living Sunlight:

Without plants we have no oxygen, no food, and no life on Earth! Learn how the sun’s energy brings the earth to life. Photosynthesis and the parts of plants will be discussed.

GTSWMD - Recycle SortRecycle Sort:

Using small pictures and boxes, students will have fun as they race to be the first group to properly sort waste items. They will learn what materials can be recycled, what can be composted, and which ones need to go in the trash.

eagleDress a Beaver/Dress an Eagle:

Students will have fun as they use props to dress up as an animal, highlighting important adaptions and discussing habitats. We will use props to demonstrate how these two animals survive in their habitats.

Tree FarmerThe Tree Farmer

Students will listen to the story The Tree Farmer and enjoy a journey through the forest. They will learn about all the wonderful gifts trees bring us, and how it is our responsibility to care for trees. We will conclude the presentation with the Tree Need Game where each student will become one of the necessary factors for a tree’s survival: water, soil, sun, air, and space.