Recycled-PaperHistory of Paper Making/Paper Recycling Demonstration:

Students will participate in displaying a time line of the history of paper making.  They will participate in making recycled paper and see a physical change as we break down paper fibers to make new paper.  They will participate in tearing, blending, and reforming the paper.

Eco-VillansNew: ECO-Villains:

Students will learn about different types of human pollution and the impact on communities.  They will then identify a specific problem and work in groups to create eco-villain wanted posters.  Classroom pollution posters and villain posters will be provided.

Question MarkWeird Recycling: Green or Gross?

We don’t think twice about recycling glass, aluminum, and paper. But the idea of recycling old garbage dumpsters into swimming pools and food waste into purses is questionable. Students will read and vote on 8 cutting-edge, edge-of-yucky recycling efforts and cast their vote.

Carbon FootprintWhat’s Your Carbon Footprint?

In going about our daily lives —everyone uses some means of transportation, have homes, purchases food and goods which all contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. By taking the carbon footprint quiz, students will learn that there are many things each of us, as individuals, can do to reduce our carbon emissions.  They will then break into groups to play the Lorax/carbon footprint board game.