These programs are 30 minutes in length.

not-dearNight Animals:

Students will listen to this funny story of a group of night animals who stumble through darkness together.  This book will introduce them to a variety of nocturnal animals.  A discussion will follow on animal habitats and where animals are hiding in the day and night.  They will decorate animal hand puppets.

Grades K-1

These programs are 30 minutes in length.

Michael RecycleMichael Recycle:

Wearing green capes students will listen to the story of Michael Recycle and learn how to become environmental super heroes. They will then participate in a sorting activity to identify what materials waste items are made from and how they should be disposed of; recycle bin, trash can (landfill) or reuse box. 

not-dearNEW! Welcome to the Neighborwood:

Learn how animals of the forest live as neighbors, each finding its own way to survive. They will see seven animal builders through a stunning pop-up book.  We will discuss how these animals benefit from living together and share resources and then how people and animals can also benefit from each other.

Are Trees Alive? - GTSWMDNEW! The Little Gardener:

This beautiful book captures the daunting challenge (and sometimes despair) of environmental stewardship.  However, this story is based on a hopeful note as the Little Gardener's seemingly futile efforts inspire others to take up the cause. Students will learn the importance of plant life and perseverance. 

presentations03NEW! On Meadowview Street:

Students will listen to a beautiful story of a young girl, Caroline who moves to a neighborhood with nothing growing but grass.  They will learn how important plant life is to animals as Caroline begins creating her meadow.  Plant life and habitats will be discussed when they create their own meadow sticker sheet.