Earth Day 2017 Photo Contest Results

The Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District invited student photographers in middle school (Grades 6-8) to submit an original photograph for our “Take a look at our Beautiful Earth” environmental photo contest. Five winners were chosen and receive a $50.00 cash prize and an environmental T- shirt and tote bag. See the winners below and a little description about their image.

Nysa Gilchrist, age 13, W.S. Guy Middle School

"The photo I took captures the beauty of local nature perfectly because it shows something small and beautiful flourishing in area where even grass struggles to survive. To me these flowers symbolize new life, and perseverance. Some people believe it is hard to find grace and elegance in a small city like Youngtown, but it is there if you look. This picture shows others that a little interest in the outdoors allows you to discover some magnificent things. We absolutely have to keep these flowers around because they bring charm to our city. Only conservation and stewardship can help accomplish that." ~ Nysa Gilchrist

Nathaniel Masters, age 14, St. Helen Catholic School

"My photo represents that amidst all the waste produced by humankind, there is still life. The earth is a beautiful place, and we need to cherish it. We humans take our planet for granted and ignore its beauty. We live and die on this Earth; we need to take care of it. It is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves. Let us save Earth. Let us save our home." ~ Nathaniel Masters

Ashley Gore, age 12, Howland Middle School

"Bees are everywhere and they do so much for us too!  They are actually in our everyday life.   You might not see them constantly, especially in the fall and winter, but they truly are all around us.   Without these wonderful creatures, plant life wouldn't survive.  Bees keep flowers, trees and plants alive.  But unfortunately, this is slowly coming to an end.   We keep putting chemicals, such as mosquito spray and pesticides into the air causing the bees to breathe this in and die.  If we keep doing this, the population of bees will keep decreasing.   Right now, there are seven different types of bees on the endangered species list.  We need to try and put an end to this, because without bees, plant life wouldn't exist.  This beautiful world of color can stay alive as long as we have bees.  So join me in this BEE-UTIFUL world and let's take a look at my capture in nature of one of the most important things I know- the amazing and incredible honey bee!" ~ Ashley Gore

Hadassah Kaufman, age 13, Zion Christian School

"This photo captures the beauty of this area because many people have trees with flowers just opening around here. Seeing such a masterpiece of the Creator should encourage people not to litter and trash the area around them. This picture was taken Friday, April 14, 2017 in my backyard." ~ Hadassah Kaufman

Lydia Oleskiewicz, age 13, Kenston Middle School

"The photo I have taken represents earth day. The photo represents earth day because it shows that the earth can do amazing things. Also plants can adapt to their surroundings if anything happens, just like it is shown in the picture. The plant is growing even though there is snow surrounding it. Therefore this photo represents earth day." ~ Lydia Oleskiewicz