Please do not contribute to the scrap tire problem!

When you purchase new tires for your vehicles please leave your old worn tires with the dealer for proper disposal. Many times when you take those old tires home, they end up as a useless item that you do not know how to get rid of.

If these old tires are illegally dumped along our roadways, they will become problems for public agencies and landowners to deal with. They are not only eye soars but they also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes causing health hazards to animals and humans. They can also cause drainage problems if dumped in ditches and catch basins resulting in tax dollars being spent on cleanups.

Remember the best way to dispose of your old tires is through the retailer that sold you the new ones! However if you have tires at your residence, we issue yearly tire grants to communities to help assist in the disposal. Below is a list of when your community will take tires.

Geauga County

2017 Schedule

Trumbull County

2017 Schedule

Absolutely no material from commercial business, residents from Geauga & Trumbull Counties only!