Classroom Presentations

  • Is your class learning about recycling?
  • Group hosting a meeting?
  • Scout troop working on an environmental badge?

The Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District will be available for “Recycling, Composting, and Litter Prevention” educational programs. These 30 minute programs will consist of a talk, activity, and handouts for your students.

The program will focus on the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), natural resources, and litter prevention.

Our goal is to help students understand the connections between our earth’s natural resources, the products we use and buy, and how to properly dispose of them. This knowledge will help the students to learn ways to have a positive impact on our schools, community, and natural environment.

The district offers these presentations to any public or private school located in Geauga and Trumbull counties.

Dates are limited. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a date, CONTACT:


Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District
Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District
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