Check with your Curbside Recycling Program
NOT ACCEPTED at our Recycling Drop Off Sites.

Cartons, the waxy-coated cardboard packaging for some food and beverage products such as 1/2 gallons of milk, orange juice, and ice cream, can be recycled in SOME curbside recycling programs. If you have curbside recycling at your home, check with your hauler (Republic Services, Waste Management, Ohio Valley Waste, etc.) to see if they accept cartons for recycling. If it is accepted, cartons should be emptied and rinsed. Replace the cap and place in your curbside recycling.

Cartons are mainly made from paperboard, as well as thin layers of plastic and/or aluminum. What you may see as wax on a carton is actually a thin layer of plastic. Some recycling processors have the machines to peel apart these layers and recycle both materials. This is why you must check with your hauler to see if they can accept cartons for recycling. 

The paper fiber contained in cartons is extremely valuable and useful to make new products. The area of the country you live in (and the local mill) determines what your cartons will become. Some mills recycle cartons into tissues, while others use the paper fibers to make office paper. In some cases, they are even being used as one of the materials for wall boards manufacturing. By recycling, your cartons are put back in business as the items you use every day!

Visit the Carton Council for more information
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