Glass Bottles & Jars

GLASS IS BACK!! Starting January 1, 2020, glass will be accepted in our recycling drop off program. 
Check with your Curbside Recycling Program

Not all glass can be recycled. Think food and beverage containers ONLY!
  • NO glass contaminated with stones, dirt, and food waste
  • NO ceramics or heat-resistant glass such as dishware, ovenware (Pyrex), candle jars and decorative items
  • NO drinking glasses or mason jars
  • NO mirror or window glass
  • NO crystal
  • NO light bulbs
  • NO cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) found in some televisions and computer monitors

New glass objects are easier to make from recycled bottles than from the raw materials. When you recycle glass, it’s reused to make new bottles and fiberglass that are used every day.
Broken glass can be cleaned up, contained in a paper box or bag and placed in the regular trash.