Community Grants

To make our communities cleaner and greener places to live, we want to support programs that encourage waste reduction, recycling and cleaning up our neighborhoods. We offer grants to help financially support these types of programs. Please review each grant to see if your entity is eligible to apply.

These grants are offered to local government (townships, cities, villages, counties), schools, and nonprofit organizations to initiate or expand recycling, to purchase recycling or waste containers, to purchase items made from recycled content materials, to perform cleanup activities, or to conduct an approved demonstration project.  Grants will have a maximum award amount of $3,500 per application.  All organizations will be limited to one application per year.  Pre-approved purchases will be reimbursed by the district at completion of project.

Apply for Go Green Grant online

Download the Go Green Grant application

Examples of potential projects (not all-inclusive):

  • Trash disposal costs for illegal dumpsite cleanup
  • Educational materials/signage to increase and improve recycling
  • Trash disposal costs for community cleanups – *must be in conjunction with an electronics collection
  • Electronic transportation and disposal costs for community collection -*the District will not be providing box trucks this year. You may use grant funds to pay for box truck rental costs.
  • Recycling containers for city hall, township buildings, parks, etc.
  • Litter cleanup supplies – litter grabbers, vests, etc.
  • Community paper shredding event
  • Supplies to start a school compost program
  • School-generated recycling and/or litter prevention projects in which learners engage in hands-on activities and become actively involved in recycling and/or sustainability projects.
  • Field trips/school educational assemblies – i.e. field trip to landfill, field trip to materials recovery facility (recycling processing center), guest speaker for school assembly
  • School professional development – cost to train teachers in various recycling/litter prevention programs or to conduct other related education workshops or in-services.

If you have an idea for a project that is not on this list, please CALL to discuss. We are open to new, innovative ideas!

Funding is competitive. Requests may exceed funding, so there is no guarantee your application will be  awarded. The applications must be received via email to or mail to the District office at 5138 Enterprise Dr., Warren, OH 44481 by Friday, February 17, 2023.

The Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste District offers over 40 locations for residents to bring their bottles, jugs, jars, cans, and cardboard for recycling. The District partners with local governments, schools, and other entities to provide that service to the community. We know maintaining a recycling drop-off location can be challenging, and we want to help.

We are accepting applications for site improvement funds for your local recycling drop-off site. These grants are offered to local governments (townships, villages, cities and counties), schools and other entities that provide District drop-off recycling site locations.

Apply for Drop-off Improvement Grant (DIG) online

Download the Drop-off Improvement Grant (DIG) application

How much funding can applicants receive?

Applicants can receive up to $15,000 for improvements at their recycling site.

How much funding do applicants have to contribute?

Assistance requires a minimum 10% match from the entity hosting the site.

Examples of potential projects (not all-inclusive):

  • Gravel
  • Concrete pad repair/replacement
  • Fencing
  • Additional lighting
  • Security cameras to prevent illegal dumping
  • Signage
  • Gates

Funding is competitive. Requests may exceed funding, so there is no guarantee your application will be  awarded. The applications must be received via email to or mail to the District office at 5138 Enterprise Dr., Warren, OH 44481 by Friday, February 17, 2023.

Old, unusable scrap tires can be a blight on community roads, ditches and abandoned property. 

To assist communities in the prevention of illegal dumping of tires, we offer funding to every city, township, and village within the District to host scrap tire collections for their residents. 

Each individual community decides the details of their collections, including date(s), number and types of tires collected, etc. The communities provide us with the details of their proposed collection for the calendar year. We will post a list of all the community tire collections on this page once the list has been compiled, usually sometime in March.  

Contact your community leadership (i.e. trustees, council members) to provide input for how your community will collect tires this year. 

For city, township, and village governments ONLY:

Apply for Scrap Tire Grant online

Download the Scrap Tire Grant application

Funding is guaranteed up to the amount budgeted for your community. The applications must be received via email to or mail to the District office at 5138 Enterprise Dr., Warren, OH 44481 by Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Miss your community’s tire collection??

If you are a resident who has missed your local scrap tire collection, most legitimate tire sales stores will accept scrap tires, for a small fee per tire. You can call around to tire stores in your area to see if they will accept your scrap tires, and find out what they will charge. 

Recycling and/or disposing of scrap tires responsibly is expensive. Other than the community collections offered as a free service to residents, ALL tire vendors will charge to dispose of your scrap tires. Avoid the trouble of disposing of scrap tires later by paying for their disposal when you purchase new tires.  

A community workshop was help on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 to explain all the grants we offer. Please watch the videos to get further information about the kinds of grants we offer, who is eligible to apply, and how to fill out the applications and reimbursement forms. 

Go Green & Drop-off Improvement Grant session

Scrap Tire Grant session


Trumbull County Collection Facility
5138 Enterprise Blvd. NW
Warren, Ohio 44481

Wednesdays – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Accepting Electronics and Appliances ONLY during winter

***Closed on government holidays and during severe weather.***

Geauga County Collection Facility
12685 Merritt Rd.
Chardon, OH 44024

Fridays – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Accepting Electronics, Appliances and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

***Closed on government holidays and during severe weather.***