Compost Facilities

If you have brush, leaves, or other types of yard waste to dispose of, compost facilities can accept some materials and use them to make topsoil, mulch and other products. This reuse keeps these types of materials out of landfills, which not only saves landfill space, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.

You can manage small amounts of yard waste (and food waste) in your own backyard with a compost bin. We have compost bins for sale at a deep discount.   

Yard waste – leaves, grass clippings, brush, tree trunks and stumps, prunings from trees and shrubs, etc.

Agricultural plant materials  – plant material including items like stems, leaves, vines, roots, etc.

Animal waste – animal excreta, bedding, wash waters, incidental waste feed, and silage drainage

Food scraps – unprocessed and processed vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, meats, and other residuals
from food intended for human or animal consumption, and any compostable containers or compostable
serviceware that are commingled with the food scraps

Dead animals – (bodies or parts of a dead animal). Requires compliance with OAC Rule 3745-560-015

Raw rendering material – (body, part of a body, or product of a body of any dead animal that is unfit for human
consumption).Requires compliance with OAC Rule 3745-560-015.

The State of Ohio has  regulations regarding registered solid waste composting facilities and categorizes facilities based on the materials they are allowed to accept. 

Class 4 facilities can accept only yard waste and agricultural plant materials.

Class 3 facilities can accept yard waste, agricultural plant materials, animal waste, dead animals, raw rendering material.

Class 2 facilities can accept yard waste, agricultural plant materials, animal waste, dead animals, raw rendering material, and food scraps. (There are no licensed Class 2 facilities in Geauga or Trumbull Counties).


Abate Landscaping, Class 4, 7080 Mulberry Rd., Chesterland, (440) 729-3616

Chardon WWTP, Class 4, 501 Hambden St., Chardon, (440) 285-3585

Hauser Landscaping, Class 4, 17917 Madison Rd., Middlefield, (440) 632-5126

Mapledale Farm Inc., Class 3, 12613 Woodin Rd., Chardon, (440) 286-3389

Middlefield Village, Class 4, 14680 Tare Creek Parkway., Middlefield, (440) 632-5248

Midwest Mulch, Class 4, 1055 Kinsman Rd., Newbury, (440) 338-5005

T&K Kuhnle Co., Class 3, 17349 Munn Rd., Chagrin Falls, (440) 564-5500

TRC Landscape Services Inc., Class 4, 11220 Kinsman Rd., Newbury, (440) 564-5500

Van Ness Inc., Class 3, 10500 Kinsman Rd., Newbury, (440) 478-2721

Universal Landscaping, (Registration Pending), 10028 Old State Rd., Chardon, (440) 226-2177


City of Warren Water Pollution Control Ctr., Class 4, 2323 Main Ave SE., Warren, (330) 841-2591

Delli Quadri Landscaping, Class 4, 1270 Trumbull Ave., Girard, (330) 759-3121

Gaumer Landscaping Inc., Class 4, 417 State Road, Warren, (330) 847-9688

Heatherwood Landscape Material and Supply, Class 4, 2396-B Elm Rd., Cortland, (330) 898-2900

Baryak's Tree Service, Newton Falls, (330) 872-1370
Dave Price Tree Service, Girard, (330) 539-6363
(330) 536-8013


ASHTABULA - JD Hardwoods Recycling, Class 4, 8570 St. Rt. 534, Windsor, (440) 272-5085

CUYAHOGA - Savarino Brothers, Class 4, 24670 Broadway Ave., Oakwood Village, (440) 439-5358

MAHONING - Custom Blended Soils, Class 4, 15334 Mahoning Ave, Canfield, (330) 538-0009

PORTAGE - Carlton Yarnell Chipping Svc LLC (dba CYC Mulch), Class 4, 11771 SR 44, Mantua, (330) 274-5120

PORTAGE - Lake Ave Transfer Facility, Class 4, E. Lake St., Ravenna, (440) 296-6326